Warehouses play a vital part in the UK supply chain and have played a vital role during Covid-19. Working in a warehouse is a position that requires both individual and team skills. The processes in warehouses have been created to ensure it can work like a well-oiled machine as long as each individual plays their part in the team structure.

Many warehouse positions don’t require many formal qualifications apart from GSCEs making it a great route into a goods handling & logistics role. International businesses like Amazon and Apple have very established warehouse operations around the UK offering people the chance to work with new tech used in the growing area of automation.

Here are the top skills we believe a warehouse operative should have:

  1. Being active – warehouse work is naturally high paced and requires you to be on your feet a lot. If you are someone that thrives in a busy role, this will be a great career for you.
  2. Attention to detail – good stock management & control is key to a successful warehouse so managers will appreciate operatives that don’t let the quality of their work drop towards the end of a longer shift.
  3. Self-motivated – longer shifts, especially the ones with very early mornings or late night starts require someone who can keep the momentum up. Operatives should be able to motivate themselves to achieve everything that’s needed to keep the sequence going.
  4. Work well under pressure – no part of the warehouse chain can slack or slow down too much without having larger knock-on effects. It’s important for this role that you can be organised and communicate clearly even under pressure.
  5. Methodical thinker – working in a logistical environment requires an ability to think practically. If you are someone that enjoys working with processes and a steady routine, warehouse work could be a brilliant career path.


Warehouse operative is one variation of the job title name which is similar to warehouse operator, warehouse picker or warehouse worker. The job requirements will vary depending on the products being handled but warehouse work is normally organised in shifts to keep the continuity of the processes going throughout the day & night.

If you are looking for a warehouse role why not drop us your CV so one of our team can access it and contact you with opportunities.

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