This year hasn’t been an easy one for any industry. Sectors have struggled but many have managed to survive with some thriving due to surges in product demand. If you have unfortunately found yourself being made redundant during the epidemic or maybe the pressure has made you revaluate your current role, it’s a great time to revise your whole CV.

The competition is very high with many skilled workers out of employment, so how do you make your CV stand out especially now? Our top 5 tips will hopefully help your CV get seen.

  1. Highlight the experience & skills – make your core responsibilities stand out.  A busy CV reviewer will appreciate being able to skim the clear points and understand your past work history quicker.
  2. Start an online course – even just showing that you are invested in your own CPD (continual personal development) outside of employment shows a commendable personality trait. With so much of our every day moving online there are many courses.
  3. Don’t over complicate your CV – employers can see through people over adding content to pad job descriptions out. Yes using synonyms & describing roles in depth can be good but don’t present yourself too different to who you are in person. Don’t over-elaborate, getting to the point is more appreciated in many cases.
  4. Mention your career goals  – explaining your dedication for the role or sector you are applying within shows passion. Employers are more likely to favour someone that they can invest in who will show the return in loyalty as well as performance.
  5. Add an injection of personality – it’s often an undervalued element, but if you have all the same credentials as another final candidate, being the right fit for a business may secure you a long-term position easier. It can also help a potential employer paint a picture of the type of person you are.
  6. Switch up the font – are you stuck in Times New Roman? Why not find a more modern font to help make your CV stand out.

A very key element once you are happy with your CV is to get it seen on the best platforms. Adding your CV to sites such as ours means you are going to get more visibility than just sending it to jobs you apply for.


Although Covid has affected the core industries that we recruit for to some degree, we have a robust contingency plan to be sure we can limit disruptions to our processes, click here to read our Covid update.

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