​For professional workers, the best way to find relevant employment is by working with a specialist recruiter within your industry. An expert consultant will completely understand your profession, the sector you work in, and the current opportunities within that sector. An industry-specific recruiter will be able to promote your skills to potential employers and find job vacancies that match your skills and experience.

Why work with an expert recruiter?

Working with an expert recruiter is beneficial for both people looking for a new role in a certain sector and companies wanting to recruit within that sector. Expert recruiters such as PPR have in-depth industry knowledge and have built a network of contacts within that industry to enable them to offer insight and advice to job seekers and employers alike.

Expert recruiters will also fully understand the nuances within a sector. For example, in the construction sector, we will clearly differentiate between clients working in the commercial sector and those in the domestic sector. We have links within civil engineering projects and can also place employees within the residential new-build sector.

Getting to know our candidates

At PPR, we interview every one of our candidates in a face-to-face situation. This is an extremely beneficial process for both our candidates and ourselves. We have detailed discussions about the type of work they are looking for and also check all qualifications, accreditations, and experience within their sector.

The recruitment process also involves contacting any references that our candidates may want to offer. This helps to ensure that we place only the best candidates in the most appropriate positions for their experience and skill set. Once a candidate has passed our rigorous checks, we will put them forward for the most relevant vacancy.

Industry insight

Understanding an industry is an essential part of working in recruitment. Having a good and up to date knowledge of any projects that are planned or have recently begun will enable us to plan in advance to fill the vacancies. An excellent example of this is our work within the airport sector. During the extensive development of London Heathrow, we played an integral role in placing workers in roles for the project.

At PPR, we work extensively in a selection of different industries. We have specific expertise within:

Within these sectors we have placed candidates in a wide variety of roles. From office-based administrative positions to skilled installers and professional architects and civil engineers to electricians and all types of construction workers, all our candidates are hand-picked and recommended for the most appropriate positions that match their skills.

Connecting employees and employers

At PPR, we work with both Main Contractors and Sub-contractors within our specialist industries. We have one of the UK’s most extensive candidate databases to enable us to fill a wide variety of vacancies with the perfect people for the job. In certain sectors, we are often required to find staffing solutions for non-standard working hours. In this situation, we provide a 24-hour consultancy service to ensure that we provide the most efficient service possible.

Where possible, we always send a PPR team member to meet with the candidate on-site on their first day of employment. This helps with introductions and continuity and ensures that the candidate and employer are formally introduced and both sides fully understand the expectations of their roles.

Quality assurance through vetting and compliance

At PPR, we carry out a strict and comprehensive vetting process for all potential candidates. We check all candidate’s qualifications and references to ensure that they are properly qualified and the best person for a specific vacancy.

Once all qualifications and references have been verified and a face-to-face interview conducted, we will begin the placement process. The development of our network of clients and candidates is very much an ongoing process. Many of our candidates have worked on several projects through PPR over many years and have acquired new skills while working on diverse projects.

Training courses and accreditations

As a registered PPR worker, you get access to a range of professional benefits. This includes relevant training and development courses and a selection of client-specific training. Some of the courses that our clients are offered include:

  • First aid
  • Manual handling​
  • Confined space training
  • IPAF
  • CPCS
  • CSCS

All site-based and office-based personnel are offered the appropriate training courses from the list above. This ensures that our candidates are all fully qualified and prepared to successfully complete the necessary job requirements.