Shockingly, women only make up 11% of the UK’s construction workforce. When you consider that women account for 47% of the UK’s entire working population, this disparity is truly unprecedented. After a sector has been so male-dominated for so long, it can be hard to see why a woman would want to get involved. Many women feel completely excluded from construction. However, it’s still a career direction very much worth considering. The sector needs talented women from all backgrounds to fill a multitude of roles. Here are just some reasons why women should consider a career in construction.

Construction has high earning potential

With the ever-increasing demand, there are always jobs to be found within construction at all degrees of seniority. From beginnings as a site worker, there is loads of room for career progression. Construction workers have some of the most rapid career acceleration. Efforts are quickly noticed and employees are frequently receiving new training, gaining new skills to develop themselves further.

The average salary in the construction industry is £45,774 per annum, making it a lucrative industry that’s open to women of all skillsets.

Construction involves problem-solving

Construction is the perfect industry for problem solvers. On and off-site, problems come up on a regular basis that need a quick solution. A good problem solver can be the difference between a project running to schedule and it running late and over budget.

If you’re a woman who has a talent for problem-solving, then construction may be the right sector for you.

A variety of construction roles

There are currently thousands of labourer positions that need filling. However, construction doesn’t just involve manual labour. There are a variety of administrative and desk roles available within the industry. You could oversee the execution of projects, or work in design.

Whether your skills lie in practical, hands-on work, or more conceptual thinking and planning, there is a place in the construction industry for talented women.

Gain transferable skills in construction

With a wide variety of roles, comes a wide variety of skills. Problem-solving, organisation, and time management are all skills that construction will equip you with, which you can take onto any future job. More than anything, construction will help you to be an excellent team player.

Inspire diversity within construction

One of the key reasons why there are so few women in construction is that there aren’t enough role models for them in the industry. This becomes a vicious cycle. However, it also means that women joining the industry will encourage other women to follow them. By taking the first step, you could become an inspiration for countless other women to put their skills towards projects that matter.

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