Whether you’re hoping to increase your earnings, broaden your knowledge, or simply want a new challenge, throughout life we’re always learning useful traits along the way. Perhaps you just haven’t recognised any of these traits yet, but fret not, as this blog will highlight what employers are on the lookout for; those core values that construct your character to see how well you’d be able to adapt and develop within their line of work. Again, you may have completely overlooked many of these traits, but they are transferable and interchangeable between many fields of work.

Transferable skills employers are looking for


  • Let’s begin with a crucial one, organisation. Your day-to-day activities will include the organisation of loading and unloading, planning your route, and ensuring all paperwork is correctly filled out and filed. This takes a level of forward-thinking that employers are always eager to see so they know you can manage your own workload. Being organised also requires a level of time management so you know what work is to be completed when, another key asset that employers will see in you.


  • Secondly, having extensive HGV experience shows that you are a person to be trusted; someone that is reliable. This is a hard trait to find these days, with many employers getting the run around from potential candidates. This will be a respected asset they will see in you as you may have found yourself responsible for transporting highly valuable loads, over great distances, safely. This shows you can be entrusted to carry out various tasks and you can confidently oversee any potential issues and overcome them in a professional manner.


  • Moving on to your interpersonal skills. Over your time driving, you will have developed your communication skills when interacting with customers upon deliveries or even between you and your team to ensure targets are met. Whatever the instance, to be able to clearly communicate your ideas and work as a team is an important skill set employers will value highly.

Driving record

  • Perhaps your biggest asset here is your excellent driving skills! Having an impeccable driving record at a skilled level combined with good knowledge of road safety should stand you in good stead for employment, as many employers require candidates to have a driving licence. This can even reflect a level of mechanical skill, say, if you were to enter the engineering sector, as part of your job will require you to carry out routine maintenance on your vehicle to ensure safety regulations are being met.

Stress management

  • Finally, let’s touch on the fact that all jobs have an underlying level of stress attached to them. Being an HGV driver is no different. With long working patterns, drivers are expected to remain sharp and vigilant without giving in to fatigue. This can carry into your personal life too, having to be away from family adds extra stress to your life. Being able to handle gruelling levels of stress should bode well for you and be respected by your future employer.

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