If you’re a great listener and have excellent communication skills, then recruitment could be the career for you. Becoming a recruiter is a fantastic opportunity to make a real positive impact on people’s lives. What’s more, it’s one of the most accessible career paths there is. There are no qualifications that are absolutely essential to become a recruiter. A bachelor’s degree would help you to stand out. However, the right attitude, the right skills and breadth of experience are the key attributes needed to succeed.

What are the responsibilities of a recruiter?

Some of the cornerstone responsibilities of a recruitment consultant are:

  • Helping candidates to improve their CVs
  • Guiding candidates through the interview stage
  • Posting jobs and job descriptions onto online bulletin boards
  • Assisting with the negotiation of salaries
  • Calling other companies to acquire new business
  • Liaising between the candidate and the company they are applying to

The specific skill that unites every one of these tasks is excellent communication. A recruiter will be dealing directly with a variety of people from a variety of sectors. As such, a good recruiter will be able to empathise with a massive range of personalities and styles of working.

Do I need a degree to be a recruiter?

To develop the communication and people skills necessary to be a recruiter, it would be beneficial to earn a bachelor’s degree. This could be in a subject like human resources, business studies, psychology, sociology etc. This can be obtained at any university institution, including online universities over an extended period. However, getting a degree isn’t essential. The most important thing is that you gain valuable experience communicating with people.

As with any career, demonstrating enthusiasm will also be a major factor. With or without a degree, it’s always worth investing time in extra courses or workshops on recruitment.

What experience do I need to be a recruiter?

A background in sales or account management would go a long way towards securing a career in recruitment. Furthermore, a deep knowledge of the range of industries you’re recruiting for is also hugely important. At PPR, for example. our recruiters are experts in the constructionindustrialairportrailtelecomsmechanical and electrical sectors.

The key is to accumulate as much experience as possible talking to other people. Whether that’s in an office environment or the hospitality sector, all communication experience will contribute towards a successful career in recruitment.

What are the benefits of being a recruitment consultant?

Being a recruiter comes with countless benefits. Whatever type of person you are, a career in recruitment can open up a realm of opportunities for you to develop your unique skillset. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits…

High earning potential

Recruitment is one of the top ways to earn a competitive salary for university graduates. From competitive starter salaries, there’s plenty of capacity for income to increase further as your career progresses. Many recruitment agencies also offer commission to their recruiters, which can result in large bonuses.

Recruitment suits a range of personalities

It’s not necessarily true that you need to be a huge extrovert to be an effective recruitment consultant. Of course, it helps if you are outgoing and happy to contact a large quantity of people. However, being able to listen is an equally valuable skill. If you can fully understand and empathise with the needs of a candidate, then this will be your biggest asset towards securing the best positions for your customers. In this sense, even the most introverted people can make for an exceptional recruitment agent.

Recruiters meet lots of people

Combining your candidates with your clients, being a recruiter requires you to build a vast social network. You’ll quickly find your address book filling with all sorts of incredible people. Many will see you as a go-to person for useful contacts and information. If you’re a particularly sociable person, recruitment could be a career that you thrive in.

Great opportunities for career progression

Recruitment is not a stagnant career. There’s a clear path of progression for junior to senior level. It’s a career where your efforts can be easily measured. As such, your successes will be noticed, and it may not be too long before they are rewarded with a promotion.

Make a positive impact on people’s lives

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of recruitment is helping people to find the job that’s right for them. As you get to know your candidates, you’ll feel a deep investment in their career journey. When you help them to secure a job offer, you’ll have helped to actively improve their life.

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