The rail sector is a long-standing field of expertise for PPR recruitment, and we are the chosen partners for many rail networks such as Crossrail, Network Rail, and HS2. The rail network is the heart of UK infrastructure, and we know the industry in more detail than most.

What do you need to work on the railway?

The first thing to do when wanting to secure a position in the railway is to register with a 5*RISQS recruitment company such as PPR.  You will require a Sentinel identity card which we can arrange for you. We set up a profile and membership number on the Rail Sentinel System. Without this you will not be able to work in the rail industry.

What training do you need for a job on the railway?

To work on the railway there are minimum standards you will need to meet. For example, you need to me a minimum of 16 years old and hold a National Insurance Number. You will also need to meet the medical standards set by Network Rail Standard NR/ L2/ OHS/ 00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements, as well as the requirement of Network Rail Standard NR/ L1/ OHS/ 051 (Drugs and Alcohol testing).

You will also need accreditation for a variety of competencies. Such as, Personal Track Safety if you want to work on the National Rail infrastructure or if you want to work on London Underground Sites you would need to complete an Industry Common Induction.

If you want to expand your skills, further training courses are available, such as Overhead Lines Electrification Course – OLEC 1, 2 and 3 or Dockland Light Railway Course.

What type of jobs are available in the railway industry?

The rail industry has many positions to offer with continuous potential for development in your career. Common jobs within the rail industry would include:

  • Telecoms Operative
  • Tractions and Rolling Stock Operative
  • Overhead Line Operative
  • Signalling Operative
  • Electrical Operative
  • Track Maintenance Operative

The key focus of your job will be to ensure the safety of passengers, staff, and freight. To do this your daily work will involve assisting with construction, installation, renewal, or enhancement of the Railway.

If you want to work in rail or you are looking for your next career move within the railway industry, PPR can help. For more information about our rail vacancies  or speak with one of our friendly expert team members, contact us today. Call us on 01895 808188 or send us a message online.