The UK’s construction industry has had a difficult couple of years. But despite the challenges of COVID-19 and Brexit, the construction industry is still one of the highest paying sectors in the UK. In fact, the UK average salary within construction is £45,774 per annum. That’s 15% higher than the average full-time UK salary. So, which are the highest paying construction jobs? We’ve listed 5 of them below.

Commercial manager

Average salary: £60-75k a year

This role entails undertaking the financial management of construction projects. It’s their job to reduce the enterprise’s financial risk, and increase their financial opportunities. They will also be expected to manage subordinates, and ensure that all stakeholders fulfil their contractual obligations.

To perform well in this role, you need an inside-out knowledge of the construction industry, as well as exceptional communication and project management skills.

Construction project manager

Average salary: £50-75k

The construction manager oversees all the purely construction activities happening on a project. It is their responsibility that the project is completed on time, on budget, and in a way that protects the safety of all construction workers. They will also be tasked with managing the team of site workers and sub-contractors.

This is an ideal role for someone with years of experience in the construction sector.

Design manager

Average salary: £62-70k

Some of the most creative people in the construction sector, Design Managers are also among the top earners. It is their responsibility to oversee all design aspects of a construction project, from start to finish. They will work directly with architects and engineers to create quality designs. They will also manage the team of designers, and work with them to create important documents on design matters.

The successful candidate for such a role will have extensive knowledge of architectural design as well as excellent management skills.

Site manager

Average salary: £50k

The site manager oversees all on-site activity. They are responsible for the day-to-day success of the project on site. They are also responsible for the management and health and safety of all on-site workers. They must also ensure that all ongoing work is done to a high standard with minimal error.

This is a role ideal for someone who has experience with construction management and someone who has worked in on-site construction for some time and is looking to take the next step up.

Site engineer

Average salary: £40k+

Site engineers work with the project hierarchy to develop the design, and instruct the site workers on the delivery of the scheme. They also supervise subcontractors, ensuring all work is carried out in accordance with the engineering instructions. They are also responsible for facilitating vital on-site components like fencing, safety barriers and drainage.

This role would be suitable for someone with a background in both construction and engineering.

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