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The Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) sector is a broad and diverse field.  There are many highly specialised areas within the sector which require a unique knowledge set.  In recent years, the UK M&E sector has sought to implement various framework agreements.  This has helped to standardise procedures but has also created niche areas which are sometimes difficult to recruit for. Fortunately, at PPR, we have stayed up to date with developments within the sector and our database contains many specialist workers whose expertise is vital for various sector roles.

The sheer breadth and diversity of the mechanical and electrical sector demands a comprehensive structure when providing staffing solutions.  At PPR, we have supplied staffing solutions for clients involved in all manner of industry specific sub-sectors. We can professionally source and place experts in building control systems, energy supply technology, lighting, security and alarm systems, heating air-conditioning and ventilation, refrigeration, drainage and plumbing and carbon emissions reduction technology.  Mechanical and electrical projects are intrinsically linked and we can offer a combination service where we source and supply several candidates for one large M&E project.

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