Congratulations to Zivile Uleviciene from everyone at PPR for passing her NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) exam.  This is well deserved recognition of her outstanding professional skills and dedication to vocational development.  As PPR Office Manager it is imperative that Zivile is conversant with all the latest industry regulations and NEBOSH will ensure that she continues to provide the same excellent service.

Vital qualifications for a safe working environment

NEBOSH is globally recognised for providing health, safety and environmental qualifications.  Established in 1979, NEBOSH have helped students from around the world to gain the necessary qualifications to develop their personal and professional careers.  As part of her NEBOSH exam, Zivile had to discuss and answer questions related to the following subject areas:

Management of health and safety

Ensuring compliance with UK health and safety legislation is an essential part of Zivile’s role at PPR.  Responsible for initiating and implementing a wide range of policies and procedures, Zivile plays an integral role in managing the PPR health and safety infrastructure.  Through the NEBOSH learning directive, she now has the certification and the broader understanding of the importance of correctly managing workplace health and safety.

Controlling workplace hazards

Reducing and controlling workplace hazards can help to avoid any potentially dangerous situations and reduce the risk of accidents.  The most effective way to do this is to remove the hazard from the workplace.  Substituting the hazard with a safer alternative is also an effective method of creating a safer work environment.  Using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and adjusting workplace practices are less effective methods of hazard control.  Zivile can now apply these theories to her work at PPR.

Health and safety practical applications

Translating written documentation into workplace practice is an important part of health and safety application.  The ability to apply theoretical information to a real life scenario is part of what Zivile does on a day to day basis, managing compliance teams and a range of management systems.  Having successfully completed her NEBOSH qualification, she can now see how her role at PPR is influenced by her use and knowledge of practical health and safety regulations.