Last month (July 2019), Boris Johnson appointed Grant Shapps as the Secretary of State for Transport.  A government review of the HS2 project is now planned and expected to be completed by the end of the year.  The review will analyse several factors including: its affordability, scope, environmental impact, benefits and phasing structure.

In some areas, there have been concerns that HS2 will be scrapped because of rising budgets.  At the Old Oak Common site in North West London, however, site work is well underway.  This is the location of the new Crossrail hub and will also function as the interchange station between Crossrail (to be called the Elizabeth Line) and HS2.  At this site alone, ambitious plans for a huge regeneration project including 25,500 new homes and 65,000 jobs will deliver a vital boost to the economy.

With similar demolition and site-clearance underway at Birmingham’s planned HS2 depot Washwood Heath, it seems that HS2 continues to progress despite political uncertainty.  One thing that is certain is that HS2 will create thousands of job opportunities encompassing a wide variety of sectors.  Let’s take a closer look at the potential employment opportunities HS2 will create.

Civil Engineering

The enormous scale of the HS2 infrastructure means that civil engineering will play a fundamental role in the successful completion of the project.  From the initial groundwork, demolition and site clearance to the construction of bridges, tunnels, viaducts and embankments, the opportunities for civil engineers are truly unprecedented.

Supply chain contracts

An efficient supply chain is essential for any large scale project.  From materials to staffing, supply chain contracts for HS2 are predicted to support 16,000 jobs and help to finance thousands of Britain’s SMEs.

Community support

As the HS2 project progresses, there will inevitably be some social and environmental disruption.  To safeguard against any potential problems, there are opportunities for a range of planning officials to develop and implement strategies such as re-housing people whose homes are affected by building work, and planting trees to compensate for environmental damage.

Specialist railway engineering

Railway infrastructure is a specialist area within more general engineering.  Having worked in conjunction with several high profile railway projects, at PPR, we understand the importance of sourcing and placing the best candidate in the right role.  We have a wide network of railway operatives who have diverse skillsets encompassing design, development, maintenance, technical, management and surveying.

Planning and Health & Safety

The structure and scope of HS2 means that several sections of the project must be aligned and work together towards a common goal.  Project managers will be required at several points of the scheme while Health & Safety executives will oversee procedures at every stage.  To assist in the successful completion of HS2, the following roles will also be required: Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Supplier Managers, Design Analysts, Commercial Managers, and Document Controllers.

Investing in future talent

As part of the HS2 project, the Department for Transport has pledged to create 2,000 apprenticeships directly linked to HS2.  Offering industry-specific qualifications and a valuable route into full-time employment, HS2 apprenticeships are vital to the overall success of the project and are helping to develop and give opportunities to the UK’s future workforce.

At PPR, we work closely with a broad and diverse range of industry operatives and employers.  We have a wealth of sector-specific experience connecting people with opportunities and have worked with railway infrastructure development projects across London and the UK.  If you’re interested in finding out more about HS2 and the potential opportunities available within the project, contact PPR today.

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