Being an electrician comes with its challenges. It’s a very competitive market, and an electrician needs to stand out in order to acquire sustained business. To get a full-time position for an electrical company, you are likely to need to be a JIB Approved Electrician. This is a status granted to electricians who have accumulated the necessary skills, training, and experience. So, who are JIB?  How do you become JIB improved? And how will being a JIB Approved Electrician take your career to the next level?

What is JIB?

The Joint Industry Board (JIB) is an impartial organisation that sets standards for employment across the electrical industry. They were founded with the goal of improving the performance and productivity of electricians. Their membership includes everything from national electrical companies to small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Being a JIB member is regarded as a significant indicator of an electrician’s quality. In fact, many companies will only hire an electrician if they are JIB Approved.

How can an electrician gain this status, then?

How to gain a JIB Approved Electrician qualification

To become a JIB Approved Electrician, you must complete all the required criteria as determined by the Joint Industry Board (JIB). The main things an electrician needs to do to be granted approval status are:

Complete an apprenticeship in electrical installation

All JIB Approved Electricians must complete an apprenticeship or hold the equivalent qualifications. Many electricians undergo this apprenticeship after leaving school, but one can be taken at any time in your life.

Gain a Level 3 Diploma in inspection, testing and verification

These courses could include:

  • Electrotechnical craft 2365
  • City & Guilds 2391, 2394, 2395 qualifications
  • The EAL Inspection and Testing and Initial Verification qualifications

2 years experience

JIB then looks for electricians to gain 2 years of experience working as an electrician, after the qualifications have been completed. This ensures that they have been able to apply the skills from the courses effectively and independently.

JIB will also expect electricians to be able to efficiently design, install and verify a wide range of electrical installations in an efficient and economical manner. They must also demonstrate an aptitude for running projects and be able to produce good systems of working from blueprints and specifications.

An understanding of BS7671

British Standard 7671 (BS7671) are the regulations for safe wiring and electrical installation. Generally speaking, it applies to circuits supplied at nominal voltages up to and including 1000 volts AC or 1500 volts DC. All electrical work within this range must adhere to these wiring regulations.

ECS Installation Electrician Card

This card is for electricians who work directly for customers. The card proves that you have completed all of the necessary qualifications and can be trusted to execute any electrotechnical installation.

Application for the card is necessary if you are an electrician working independently for customers without any supervision. You require the ECS card for performing any installation, maintenance and commissioning of low voltage electrical and electronic appliances.

So, now that you know the ins and outs of Joint Industry Board (JIB) membership, why should you put the effort in to achieve it?

Why should I become a JIB Approved Electrician?

The Joint Industry Board (JIB) helps its members to maintain sustainable employment. As stated, many electrical companies only hire electricians who are JIB Approved. As such, JIB membership can give you unique access to a range of markets that other, lesser-qualified contractors are unable to reach.

As well as this, the board also offers employment conditions designed to attract and develop the best electricians. Your standards as an electrician will continue to improve long after being granted JIB approval status.

Membership also comes with other perks such as health and benefits schemes. For any electrician, JIB membership is a significant step towards financial security, sustained career development, and a more comfortable life all-around.

More benefits of JIB membership

Employers who are JIB members are also entitled to a range of workplace benefits. Some of these include:

  • Lodging allowance
  • Mileage allowance
  • Skills development funds
  • Occupational health assessments
  • Dispute resolution

By getting a role at one of these JIB Approved businesses, you too can gain access to these benefits and schemes.

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