Recruitment agencies help to connect job seekers with companies looking for workers. They focus on matching candidates to current vacancies depending on their skills and experience. They can also help with editing CVs and offering candidates advice on interview preparation and what qualifications would be beneficial within specific sectors.

Connecting candidates with clients

Recruitment agencies work with both companies seeking staff and candidates seeking employment. A company will often contact a recruitment agency to alert them of an opportunity they are currently offering. The recruitment agency will then look through their candidate database to see if they know anyone who matches the job specification. If they don’t have the perfect candidate for the role then the job will be advertised on their website.

Once a recruitment agency has sourced suitable candidates, they will pass their details to the company seeking employers. The recruitment agency will then arrange interviews with any of the candidates which the company approves.

Why use a recruitment agency?

For companies seeking new staff, recruitment agencies help to provide suitable candidates for specific roles. This helps a company to reduce costs and save time when running an employment drive. For candidates looking for new opportunities, joining a recruitment agency will give you an advantage over other potential candidates as you will have access to jobs before they are officially advertised.

At PPR, we are specialists in connecting candidates and companies in the construction industry. We have placed skilled and semi-skilled workers in a diverse selection of roles both site and office based across the sector and work closely with both clients and candidates within the rail, mechanical and electrical, airport, telecoms, and industrial sectors.

With extensive experience working on some of the UK’s most high-profile construction projects, we are the perfect partner for all industry professionals. We have professional connections with many London based employers and have successfully placed candidates across Greater London and the South East of England.

If you’d like to find out more about PPR, have a browse of our current vacancies to see if you have the skills and experience for one of our recent opportunities. You can also register with us by sending us your CV and we will endeavour to connect you with companies in your area.