Plans to expand Heathrow airport are expected to create thousands of jobs in the UK.  With the PPR airport division located close to London Heathrow, we are perfectly placed to provide staffing solutions across the entire expansion project.  We have played an integral role in both Q5 and Q6 developments at Heathrow and as an Approved HAL Signatory, we have all the essential skills and accreditations to work on the continued expansion plan.

Why does Heathrow need to expand?

Heathrow’s expansion plans are focussed around the construction of a third runway.  This will increase the UK’s connections to the rest of the world and ensure that Heathrow’s hub status is protected.  Heathrow Airport is already the UK’s largest international flight hub serving 75 destinations not linked to by any other UK airport.  78% of the UK’s long haul flights depart from Heathrow with over 70 million travellers passing through the airport every year.

Expanding Heathrow will greatly increase connectivity with a wide variety of international destinations.  A third runway will help to secure new domestic routes around the world while doubling freight capacity and benefitting the UK economy as a whole.  The plans for Heathrow’s expansion have been developed with a focus on affordability and sustainability to allow for a realistic and achievable conclusion.  From a business perspective, increased connectivity will enable professional links to be built between the world’s leading corporate centres to boost international trade opportunities.

Career opportunities with Heathrow Airport

The ambitious scale of the Heathrow expansion project demands a dynamic and specialist workforce.  To deliver the project on time and to the required high standard, a diverse range of professional skillsets are essential.  Some of the roles required for the Heathrow expansion project will include:

  • Project Managers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Business Planners
  • Airline Strategists
  • Technical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers

Heathrow Airport already employs over 114,000 people.  The planned expansion will potentially create a further 180,000 jobs nationwide.  Many of the UK’s top companies are based within 25 miles of Heathrow.  The size and diversity of the companies and individuals who rely on Heathrow Airport to sustain their business has produced a supply-chain-esque structure around the way the airport connects working professionals.  Expansion will provide access to even more business possibilities as these companies are able to offer their services through a larger air network.

Embracing innovation at Heathrow

Air travel is a highly regulated arena.  With government backing for Heathrow’s expansion, the Airports Commission have concluded that there is need for an extra runway to be located at Heathrow.  With today’s focus on reducing emissions to lower our carbon footprint, airports are governed by increasingly strict regulations to ensure that pollution is kept at an absolute minimum.

The Heathrow expansion project should be completed by 2030 and must adhere to a range of sustainability criteria.  Noise mitigation is an important issue and plans are currently underway to install noise reducing acoustic glazing at properties located near Heathrow flight paths.  Public transport across London is set to improve to reduce the number of private cars in use in the city and more efficient aircraft are being developed to reduce both fuel emissions and noise.

If you’re involved in the airport sector and you’re currently searching for your next employment placement, contact PPR to find out more about our current vacancies.  Whether you’re an experienced project manager, an aircraft or airport technician or engineer or you’re a customer facing professional with airport experience, the opportunities at Heathrow over the next decade are set to be numerous and varied.

You can contact PPR through our website by filling in your details in our online contact form, stating what skills and experience you have and we can help to find you the perfect job to match your abilities.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01895 808188 to discuss your employment requirements and find out if there are any current opportunities available that would suit you.