After qualifying as a Class 2 HGV driver, you can go straight in to becoming a Class 1 HGV driver by taking the Category E practical test. However, there are several steps you must take before becoming a Class 2 driver:

  1. Obtain a car driving licence.
  2. Apply for a provisional lorry licence.
  3. Pass the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) test. This is broken into four parts and includes a theory and practical driving test.

Only after completing these steps can you take the Category E practical test and become a Class 1 HGV driver.

HGV drivers are highly coveted, with recent studies suggesting the UK currently has a deficit of 50,000 HGV drivers. So, for anyone interested in becoming a Class 1 HGV driver, we’ve looked at several FAQs related to a Class 1 licence.

What is a Class 1 driver?

A class 1 HGV licence, also known as a category C + E license, allows you to drive vehicles that are 7 and half tonnes and above and have a trailer that detaches. These vehicles are typically very large and used for long haul routes.

What is the difference between a Class 1 and Class 2 driver?

Class 1 drivers can drive a category C+E vehicle, which is basically articulated lorries. However, Class 2 drivers can drive a Category C vehicle, which are rigid body vehicles. These include fire engines and refuse collection vehicles. Generally, Class 1 drivers are paid a higher wage and do long-haul driving, whilst Class 2 drivers usually work around towns and cities.

How old do you have to be for HGV Class 1?

Provided you have a CPC qualification, you can drive Class C + E vehicles if you are aged between 18-20. Otherwise, 21 is the minimum age.

How do I get my HGV licence for free?

There are government grants available to those looking to start a career in HGV driving. Some companies will pay for your training whilst those who are unemployed can get funding through the job centre.

How do I get my first HGV job?

You’re in the right place if you wish to find your first HGV job. Head on over to our website to read about our current HGV driver vacancies and apply for any that are suitable for you.

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