At PPR, we are dedicated to building strong relationships with both candidates and employers.  To create an industry wide network, it is important to receive feedback and information from our ‘placements’.  This helps us to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and of specific roles and responsibilities, and also enables us to offer more detailed guidelines for future applicants.

We recently caught up with a Senior Electrical Supervisor for the ATC Costain joint venture on the Crossrail Project, Anthony Patrick Hoy, who was placed through PPR.  Here is the report on his day to day duties:

The importance of good preparation

Each working day, I was required to arrive promptly on site, fully prepared for my duties.  I was then tasked with making sure that all operatives working under my supervision were accounted for and fit to work. I then had to ensure that myself and my operatives attend the relevant briefings which permit us access to the work site.

If any of my operatives were unsure about the information discussed during the briefing, it was my responsibility to help them to understand.  Before entering the work site, I was required to inspect everyone’s PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), making sure it was fit for purpose, of the acceptable standard and in line with current regulations.

Work site health and safety

Upon entering the worksite, my first task was to check the areas where myself and my team were going to be working.  I was required to analyse whether it was safe, and perform a Point Of Works briefing (POW). The POW included explaining daily duties, indicating the location of muster points, and describing emergency safety procedures.

Once everyone had understood all the necessary information work can commence.  As a Supervisor I was always checking for potential hazards and anything that may cause harm to the operatives or equipment.  Upon completion of work, I carried out an inspection to ensure that an acceptable standard of installation had been achieved.

Finally, it was my responsibility to facilitate a thorough clean-up of our work areas, ensuring all equipment was returned to the correct storage units. I then completed a head count to secure the work site and make sure all operatives had left safely and that the relevant paperwork was signed off and shift reports correctly filled out and submitted.  I then made one final check to confirm that all operatives were accounted for and make sure that everyone had signed out at the correct time for the End Of Shift.