Getting a job is difficult. In today’s market, recruitment processes are more competitive than ever. The number of applicants is increasingly high, and companies are even more determined to find the right people to fill their vacancies. With that in mind, you need to bring your A-game to any recruiter if you are to stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 ways of achieving just that…

1. Dress for success

You may assume that dressing smart is a given. However, this is a crucial step that countless candidates still forget. As a general rule, it’s much better to overdress than to underdress for an interview.

Looking your best shows the recruiter, as soon as you walk through the door, that you’ve put the effort in for this interview process. Of course, preparing for the interview itself is the main thing, but what you wear is a golden opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

2. Bring any relevant documents

Chances are that a recruiter will print out your CV and bring it to the interview with them. However, bringing one along with you shows that you are eager to help and that you are someone who comes to a situation prepared.

Furthermore, if you’ve been asked to complete a task prior to the interview, you could bring a print-out of the task to discuss with the recruiter.

3. Prepare some questions

Asking the recruiter questions is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve done your research about the role in question. It also shows that you’re actively engaging in the role and the company already. Three to five questions are a good amount to ask at an interview.

Qualifications and experience are important, but your enthusiasm can be what puts you above the other candidates.

4. Demonstrate positive body language

Positivity doesn’t just come across in your words. How you sit and physically engage with a recruiter also goes a long way towards building a great first impression. Sit up straight and try to make eye contact with the recruiter when speaking to them.

If you’re being interviewed remotely on Zoom, be sure to look directly into the camera, and not at your own picture.

5. Be punctual

Showing up on time or early to any recruitment appointment is going to immediately demonstrate that you can be relied upon.

Punctuality can also relate to your style of speaking. In any interview process, be careful not to ramble. It’s important to have developed answers to questions, but try to keep it fairly concise. This way, it will be clear that you’ve thought carefully about the questions, rather than appearing like you’re just waffling to fill the silence.

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