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Ways your labouring skills could be used in the rail industry

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Working in the rail industry is a varied and rewarding career choice. In the UK, there are currently several large-scale railway projects involving new network developments and improvements to current services. The railway network is also constantly maintained to ensure that all lines are kept running safely and within the latest regulations.

Developing your skills through rail industry labouring

Labouring within the rail industry is a great way to learn valuable skills and gain opportunities for career development. As a railway network labourer you will work alongside a range of electrical and mechanical engineers as well as project managers, site operators, and construction workers. You could be based anywhere around the country, so the opportunity to travel is available for those who are interested.

The UK rail network is undergoing electrification on many of its subsidiary lines. To date, 38% of the UK rail network is now electrified and projects are ongoing in Manchester, London, and Glasgow to bring railway lines up to date. The high profile HS2 project and the South East’s Crossrail project are once again up and running, opening up many employment opportunities within the industry.

Railway labouring duties and expectations

Labouring within the rail industry often involves strenuous physical lifting. You may also spend much time working outside in all weathers although if you are based in a city, you may be required to work on underground railway lines or tramways for commuter networks. As a railway labourer you will probably be required to carry out some or all of the following tasks.

  • Clearing ground for new railway lines
  • Laying rails safely and securely
  • Cutting and welding metal for new sections of track
  • Compacting earth in preparation for rail installation
  • Maintaining track and relevant equipment

Depending on your skill levels you may also be required to use the railway network’s gauges, switches and dials to ensure all systems are in good working order. On the job training is often given to railway labourers and there are many opportunities to upskill and advance into the areas of mechanical and electrical railway maintenance and installation.

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