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How an experienced HR manager could really reduce construction staff turnover

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High levels of staff turnover can be costly and disruptive.  An established workforce has many benefits, both for employees and the wider company structure and performance.  There are many ways to improve staff retention.  Better rates of pay and improved working conditions are two of the most obvious.  In the construction industry, as in many other sectors, an experienced HR manager can be a valuable asset.  They can provide many benefits and help to significantly reduce staff turnover.

The important role of a construction sector HR manager 

When you’re involved in a construction project, it’s important that everything runs as smoothly as possible.  Strict deadlines will have to be met to avoid disruption, inconvenience and negative financial impact.  The most effective way to ensure that a construction project is completed on schedule and to a high standard is preparation.

One of the roles of a construction sector HR manager is to source staffing solutions for every aspect of a construction project.  From groundworkers and labourers to site managers and skilled engineers, an HR manager must find the most suitable workers to fill each role.  Once all staff have been employed, it is an HR manager’s duty to ensure that they are happy in their work and have all the necessary equipment and training.

Boosting employee satisfaction

It’s well known that happy workers are more productive.  When a person is engaged with their work and feels like they are a valued member of a team, then they will help to boost overall workplace moral.  An experienced HR manager will implement the framework to support proactive employee/employer interaction to help increase motivation and productivity.

One of the best ways to improve employee moral is by offering a comprehensive training and development program.  It goes without saying that all employees should be given the training required to perform their role.  This can include site specific health and safety awareness and any specialised technical training they may require.  An HR manager can take this one step further by providing employees with a range of training opportunities which will enhance their skills and increase future employment prospects.

PPR providing a professional HR management service

At PPR, we work alongside workers and construction companies, placing the best personnel in the most suitable roles.  A lot of what we do involves acting as a specialist construction sector HR manager.  We source staff and offer support for both the employees we supply and the companies who manage the construction project.  We are fully conversant with all the latest industry regulations and have specialist knowledge in diverse sectors such as rail and air.

If you’re looking for your next role in the construction industry or you’re involved in the management of a construction project, PPR can help you connect.  For more information about working with PPR and how we can offer similar services to a dedicated HR manager, get in touch today.  Call us on 01895 80 81 88 or contact us online.